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just a heads up

Cbox is down everywhere. It’s not just a JACFC problem. And it doesn’t seem to be one I have any power to fix, since the issue is the Cbox server. I’ll keep an eye out for a fix, but I think we’re going to have to wait for Cbox to fix this on their end.

xoxo Marie

Update: The server we’re hosted on is down. You can check server status here

Anonymous said: hi, so we were on an rp site together once. i was intimidated by how good your writing was but i tried plotting with you anyway and you let me for some reason hehe. and i learned a lot and am a better writer today because of it so thanks. sorry this is random and weird i am just trying to thank people who have helped me be a better writer today and you are one of those people. thanks, mars!

Aw, you’re welcome, mysterious rper anon! I’m glad to have been a help to you in some way, but I strongly suspect that I am not as good a writer as you think and that you weren’t a burden like you thought! 

Take care, whoever you are!

I sent 5 asks in the last 3 minutes but now I’m going to bed
So you’re all going to feel ignored when you reply


Hubble has spotted an ancient galaxy that shouldn’t exist

This galaxy is so large, so fully-formed, astronomers say it shouldn’t exist at all. It’s called a “grand-design” spiral galaxy, and unlike most galaxies of its kind, this one is old. Like, really, really old. According to a new study conducted by researchers using NASA’s Hubble Telescope, it dates back roughly 10.7-billion years — and that makes it the most ancient spiral galaxy we’ve ever discovered.
"The vast majority of old galaxies look like train wrecks," said UCLA astrophysicist Alice Shapley in a press release. "Our first thought was, why is this one so different, and so beautiful?"

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i dont chase after men but if he has tattoos and muscles a bitch just might power walk


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the truth about tumblr user firebolting



some of you may be familiar with a tumblr user named firebolting, commonly known as chandler, who was active for many years on tumblr across a multitude of popular fandoms, including but not limited to marvel, inception, doctor who, LOST, harry potter, lord of the rings, and star trek. throughout his years in fandom he became very popular on tumblr, mostly as a graphics maker and general fandom presence.

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Ever wanted free reign of Rowling’s world?be original ϟ be anyone ϟ be creativehome ϟ faces ϟ wanted ϟ tumblr

We’re running a super fun Weasley-twin themed writing challenge! And there are rumors of nifflers of unusual size running amok in Diagon Alley in our new site event!

To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never